In New York State Robbery is defined as forcible stealing. If you use force to steal anything, no matter how small in value you have committed a violent felony offense called Robbery. Even if you use the force to keep the property or to escape from the crime, it is still considered a robbery.

If you even threaten to use force to obtain the property you have committed a robbery. If you cause an injury or are aided by another person it becomes the more serious class C violent felony of Robbery in the Second Degree. If you use a gun or dangerous instrument it is a class B violent felony called Robbery in the First Degree. The Law Offices of John J. Carney Esq. have been handling robbery cases in Buffalo and New York City for 30 years and we are fully familiar with the law and specific defenses concerning robbery cases. If you are charged with a violent felony offense like robbery you are facing 10-25 years in prison if convicted and it is important to retain an attorney as soon as possible to locate witnesses, obtain surveillance video, develop a possible alibi defense, and prevent the police from getting a statement or admission from you.

Our Law Office is Open 24 hours a Day 7 Days a Week

We are one of the only law offices in the country that is open 24/7 every day and an attorney is available to answer your questions, offer a free consultation, contact a bail bondsman, go to the police station, or go to court to represent you and attempt to get you out of jail. This is important in a serious felony case like robbery since the bail can be high and it could take six months to a year to get the matter to trial. It is important that your lawyer gets you out of jail during that period.

Experienced lawyers know how to work with the prosecutors and bail bondsmen in order to keep you out of jail pending trial. Our office has the best private investigators and most experienced lawyers who will investigate your case and try to prove your innocence. We are able to advise you on whether to accept a favorable plea offer or to risk going to trial. We have had many robbery cases where the defendant was a minor and the case has been either lowered to a Petty Larceny or a Youthful Offender Status was granted and the defendant would then not have any jail sentence or criminal conviction.

Our Fees Are Reasonable

We try to make our fees reasonable and offer easy payment plans. We realize that you or your family may not have the total fee right away and you may need to make payments. We will often take a small retainer and allow low monthly payments with no interest. In some cases we offer a low flat rate so that you know the total fee up front so as to avoid having to sign a retainer agreement with a lawyer without having any idea how much the total fee will be. We try to let you know exactly what the fee will be so that you can compare out fee and know that it is fair and reasonable.

We will offer a free consultation and discuss the fee before you make the important decision on which law firm you retain. The most important decision you make is which lawyer you will choose to advise you, investigate the case, appear in court, negotiate a plea, or try the case. This can take hundreds of hours and you want an attorney who will be there every day to answer your phone calls, appear in court on every occasion, and thoroughly prepare the case.

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Our law office exclusively handles criminal cases in New York City, Buffalo, and the surrounding areas such as Niagara Falls, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Yonkers, and almost any town or city in New York State. Our lead attorney, John J. Carney Esq. has been handling serious felonies like robbery for almost 30 years, and our attorneys are former prosecutors and veteran lawyers who know how to handle serious cases.

Our Buffalo office has been handling criminal cases since 1960 and we are familiar with the prosecutors, police officers, parole officers, and others who are crucial in any criminal defense. We have developed relationships with these individuals across the state and this makes us one of the premiere criminal law firms in New York State. In New York City, John J. Carney Esq. handles most cases himself so that you have a 30 year veteran lawyer on your side and he is available 24 hours a day to speak to you about your case. Our lawyers will give you their cell phones and you can speak to us any time you have a question or problem. We feel that this makes us your best choice for a serious case like Robbery, Burglary, or Grand Larceny. Call us at 855-237-1931 or contact us online for a free consultation now.

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