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Driving while intoxicated (DWI, also known as DUI) charges have serious consequences in New York City. In addition to higher insurance rates, you could face:

  • The loss of your driver's license
  • The loss of your car under the state's mandatory seizure and forfeiture guidelines
  • A year or more in jail
  • Years of counseling fees
  • Huge fines
  • The cost and inconvenience of an ignition interlock device

As experienced New York City DWI lawyers, we understand the complex DWI laws in our state and can build a strong DWI defense to protect your rights. Put our law firm's experience and legal resources to work for you. Contact our DWI defense firm today. We are available 24/7 to meet with you for a free consultation and offer low flat rates.

Related Charges

Under a new state law, if you are found drinking with a child in the car, your car will be seized and sold under forfeiture guidelines, and you will be charged with a felony.

You can also be charged even if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is not .08 or higher. If you are found to be under the influence of any illegal substance or prescription drug, you can be charged with driving while ability impaired by a single drug other than alcohol (DWAI).

Felony Charges

Your second arrest within 10 years is an automatic felony charge. With any felony charge, you can face the permanent loss of your driver's license and a state prison sentence of up to seven years. If you injure someone while driving drunk, your charges can include vehicular manslaughter, which carries even harsher penalties. In addition, if you were driving on a suspended license when you were arrested for DWI, you may face tougher penalties.

Felony convictions can jeopardize your way of life. You could lose your job and your freedom. With a felony record, you cannot possess a weapon, vote, have a liquor license, or be bonded or insured. Our experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys understand these serious consequences, and we will work hard to formulate a DWI or DWAI defense strategy to help minimize the penalties you face.

Negotiating Your Charge

Our goal as your New York DWI defense lawyers is to help minimize your charges. For example, if police used improper arrest procedures, we can try to have evidence suppressed and your charge dismissed.

If this is your first offense, we can try to persuade the prosecutor to agree to a plea deal. For instance, you can plead guilty to the lesser charge of impairment, which only carries a short jail term and a 90-day loss of license. Negotiating plea deals can also help you avoid:

  • A criminal record
  • Jail
  • Drug court
  • Mandatory sentencing guidelines
  • Expensive counseling
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