Cocaine Possession

Providing Defense For Your Charges

Were you arrested for cocaine possession? If so, you could be charged with a felony, which means serious consequences if you are convicted.

The Law Offices of John J. Carney can help provide defense strategies for your cocaine, or crack, charges. We understand the strict sentencing guidelines associated with felony charges. Our New York City cocaine possession lawyers can investigate your case and help minimize the penalties for cocaine possession and the following related charges:

  • Crack possession — Having certain amounts of crack cocaine
  • Intent to sell or distribute — Holding certain amounts and/or trying to sell it
  • DWAI — Driving while ability impaired by a single drug other than alcohol

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Improper Search or Seizure

If police perform a legal arrest, then their search and/or seizures related to that arrest are also legal. Sometimes, though, police perform illegal searches and seizures. For instance, if you are pulled over for speeding, the officer might not have probable cause to search your car. Therefore, any cocaine found during the search is improper.

If we find that evidence was gathered during an improper search or seizure, we can fight to have that evidence suppressed and your charge reduced or dismissed.

Finding Weaknesses in the Prosecution's Case

Facing cocaine charges is scary. You could suffer severe felony consequences. Our New York City lawyers investigate your case from top to bottom. We search for weaknesses. We examine the prosecutor's evidence, we talk to detectives and we get witness statements. Once we have established weaknesses, we can negotiate your case.

Avoiding Jail And Probation

Depending on the facts of your case and your criminal history, we can try to negotiate alternatives to jail time. Our criminal defense attorneys can try to convince the prosecutor to replace your jail sentence with a treatment program, such as the Center for Application Substance Abuse Technology (CASAT), or an inpatient hospital program.

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