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New York has the toughest gun laws in America. For instance, if you are carrying a loaded firearm without a proper permit outside your home or business, you can be charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. A conviction to this crime will lead to a minimum of three and a half years in prison. This is a mandatory sentence, which you will face regardless of whether you have any prior arrests or convictions.

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If you have a prior criminal conviction and are accused of possessing a firearm, you also face significant criminal penalties. If you have been charged with any weapons offense, it is critical to hire a lawyer who understands the best ways to defend against these serious allegations. For more than 30 years, Buffalo weapons crime attorney John J. Carney of the Law Offices of John J. Carney has devoted his career to defending people against all types of criminal accusations, including many high-profile cases. He knows the law, the criminal justice system and how to get results for his clients. As further evidence of John's extensive knowledge, he has instructed defense lawyers, prosecutors and police officers about criminal procedure.

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We will look closely at the evidence to prepare the strongest possible defense. If the evidence suggests that the police violated your rights, we will ask the judge to dismiss your charges. Specifically, if the police obtained the gun or other weapon through an illegal search, or with an invalid warrant, the evidence can be suppressed. If we are able to suppress the evidence, the charges will then have to be dismissed.

In other situations, we try to find a reasonable plea agreement. In all cases, you can be certain we will use our knowledge and vast experience to minimize the possible consequences of a criminal conviction.

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