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Drug charges can involve anything from simple possession to drug trafficking, with potential penalties ranging from probation and a fine to many decades in prison. In addition to these penalties, a drug conviction can prevent you from working in certain professions, prevent you from obtaining student loans and cause problems in many different parts of your life. With what is at stake, it is critical to get the best possible lawyer you can. Over his career, John Carney has achieved success in a number of major criminal cases. The Law Offices of John J. Carney provides tough, aggressive representation in state and federal courts across New York.

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Niagara Falls Prescription Fraud Attorneys Defending Against Every Type of Drug Charge

Our law firm has helped people charged with many different kinds of drug charges, including:

  • Possession
  • Sale
  • Trafficking
  • Distribution
  • Cultivation
  • Prescription forgery

The seriousness of a drug charge hinges on many different factors, such as the amount of drugs, the type of drug and whether you are charged in state or federal court. In all cases, we will construct a powerful defense with the goal of dismissing the charges or minimizing the potential penalties. We will interview the government's witnesses to see if these people are trustworthy and credible. We will see if the police illegally searched you, your house or your car. If the police violated your constitutional rights, our law firm is ready to make a strong argument to suppress the evidence and dismiss the charges.

In most cases we are able to get the court to approve Drug Court or Judicial Diversion so that after completion of the program all charges will be dismissed. As a result you will avoid incarceration, have no criminal record, pay no fine, and not be on probation for many years which is the usual punishment for even minor drug offenses.

Because we focus on drug cases we know the drug counselors, probation officers, prosecutors, and others who run the Drug Court and Judicial Diversion programs in every city and town. We are better able to convince them that you will be a good candidate for these hard to get programs that have limited enrollments.

We are also able to convince the judge in many cases to get you Willard in-patient hospital treatment or boot camp as an alternative to the more serious cases which require mandatory incarceration unless your attorney is able to persuade the court and the facilities to allow you admission. Law firms who do not handle drug cases on a daily basis are not as familiar with these drug programs and the officials who operate them. Therefore, when you work with a less-experienced lawyer, you will not have as good a chance to get gain the benefits of admission into any of the various treatment plans offered.

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