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An assault conviction can have devastating consequences. If you have been charged with assault, you face potential incarceration, fines and probation. In addition, any criminal conviction will create serious obstacles in getting a job or receiving certain types of government benefits. It is absolutely crucial that your criminal lawyer has the knowledge and understanding necessary to make the strongest possible defense.

John J. Carney has more than 30 years of experience defending people in courts throughout New York state. In this time he has successfully defended more than 10,000 people across the state against serious criminal charges, including assault. He has taught criminal law to police officers, prosecutors and others for more than 20 years. Over his career he has developed relationships with people at all levels of the criminal justice system. These relationships can help you minimize the negative consequences of an assault charge.

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Niagara Falls Second-Degree Assault Attorney Defending All Types of Assault Charges

The seriousness of an assault charge depends on many factors, including the severity of the injuries and the intention of the accused. First-degree assault is a Class B felony. These charges can involve causing serious injury with a deadly weapon, causing serious injuries to another person during the commission of a felony or other limited circumstances. Second-degree assault is a Class D felony. Second-degree assault is charged when someone intentionally causes serious injury to another person. Third-degree assault is a Class A misdemeanor. Third-degree assault involves intentionally or recklessly causing injury.

Our law firm defends most of our clients on a flat-fee basis. This means that you can know immediately how much it will cost for our services. We invite you to call us to compare our rates with other law firms.

Whatever charge you face, our Buffalo assault defense attorneys will perform a complete investigation. Oftentimes, assault charges are based on eyewitness testimony, which is notoriously unreliable. This is especially the case in domestic violence allegations. We will interview witnesses in order to find any biases or inaccuracies. When assault charges stem from a fight or physical confrontation, we may be able to prove self-defense. Throughout our firm's history, our efforts have led to dismissals, acquittals and favorable plea agreements.

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