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Aggravated harassment charges cover a broad range of behaviors. They can stem from making harassing phone calls, sending emails or sending text messages. You may also be charged with stalking, assault or domestic violence.

Aggravated harassment charges can also involve making threats or unwanted contact based on someone's race, religion, sexual orientation or gender. While second-degree aggravated harassment is a misdemeanor, the charge is a serious matter that requires the expertise of an experienced defense lawyer. The Law Offices of John J. Carney has handled thousands of these cases, and we have the knowledge and experience to give you the best possible defense. In addition, John Carney is known throughout New York state as a top instructor in criminal law. He has spent more than 20 years teaching lawyers, prosecutors and police officers different parts of criminal procedure.

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John J. Carney has devoted more than 30 years of his life to protecting the rights of people across New York state who have been accused of serious crimes such as aggravated harassment. He understands these laws and how they apply to your situation. In many cases, the prosecution's evidence cannot withstand a skilled defense lawyer's scrutiny. Our Buffalo aggravated harassment attorney will begin investigating your case immediately, looking at the credibility of the witnesses and examining every piece of evidence. In many cases we have shown that our clients' actions were constitutionally protected speech. By doing so, we have been able to have all charges dismissed.

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