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John J. Carney Our lead attorney, John J. Carney, has represented and defended some of the highest profile cases in New York state. He has more than 30 years of experience in state, federal and appellate court, handling some of the largest and most recognized cases in New York.

As one of the top instructors for criminal procedure law in New York, he has taught lawyers, assistant district attorneys and police officers over more than two decades. He was one of the first lawyers chosen by a panel of judges to be trained in NYC for capital crimes in cities throughout the state. John J. Carney recently handled one of the biggest murder cases in the history of New York City, the Harlem shooting case. Within his first day of being retained, he located seven eye witnesses and held a meeting with the Internal Affairs division of the NYPD and two assistant district attorneys. These witnesses proved that his client was innocent and that resulted in lawsuits against the city for hundreds of millions of dollars for the wrongful shooting of his client and other innocent bystanders.

John J. Carney also won a rare acquittal in federal court concerning a client accused transporting drugs who was facing 25 years in prison. He represented a client facing the death penalty in federal court and successfully argued against the execution of his client. In a murder case in Erie County Supreme Court he won an acquittal by proving that his client shot the alleged victim in self defense. John J. Carney has handled many high-profile murder cases such as the Priest Murder Case and the 911 Murder Case.

The New York City Law Offices of John J. Carney can formulate defense strategies for all types of criminal charges. We can help you immediately. We can protect your rights from initial police contact through arrest. We can represent you at trial and through the appeal process. Contact us today to learn more about how John J. Carney can help you.

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Peter W. Kolp, Esq. Of Counsel

Peter W. Kolp As one of our lead lawyers, Peter W. Kelp has the experience and personal relationships to get results for our clients. He is a talented and tenacious attorney who fights hard on every case, and will do whatever is necessary to get the best possible dispositions.

Peter has over 16 years of trial experience as a prosecutor in New York State, and has handled many high-profile cases as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, so he knows how to win. He served as an Assistant Attorney General of New York State from 2007-2013 and prior to that he served as a Senior Assistant District Attorney in the Rackets Division of the Brooklyn District Attorney's office from 2000-2007. As a prosecutor, he was lead counsel in over 25 felony trials involving white collar crime, insurance fraud, consumer fraud, arson, and enterprise corruption. Peter, like all of our lawyers, is available 24/7 to answer your questions with a free consultation.

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